Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hello Guys and Gals!  I know it has been a bit since I last posted.  There are a couple reasons for this, One, I haven't seemed to come across any opportunities (until just recently) that I thought were worth writing about.  The second reason, is Sadly, I have been looking for work outside the home.  But gotta pay the bills and although I am still hoping to make my fortunes online (hahaha) Right now, I gotta get a 9 to 5 (Or rather a 5 to 1...)  BUT, I did want to post about a newer site that I have VERY much so enjoyed, called FantaZ (pronounced, Fantasy) It is a site where you go and play games, (You can play for free, or play for cash and win cash) and by referring people you earn commission.  So far I am beyond pleased with this site.  It is a very new site, but growing quickly, and I know it is going to explode.  But because it is such a new site, now is the PERFECT time to enroll (Which is free btw) and start recruiting, because you get paid on 7 levels of referrals, which can mean big bucks when you refer people.  And because it is a gaming site, it has been a lot easier to get people interested (Who doesn't like to play games)  If you are serious about making money, I truly feel this is a great option, I am still pretty fresh to this site, but feeling confident all the same (Already have more referrals than I have ever had with any other site) So if you are interested PLEASE go to my link: and watch the video and sign up and Paul (My mentor) will show you how you make money and cheap or even free ways to advertise to get people.  And then, go play some games!  Have fun!  Thats what this site is all about!

Ok, So I know that this post is probably the most sales persony post I have had, but I am really excited about this one, more so than I think I have been about any other opportunites.  I also wanted to let everyone know, I will be Starting my food blog this week also (I am going to a Cajun Restaurant, with crawfish boils and can't WAIT to take pictures, and tell you all about it!) So be looking out for that!  It'll be a mouthwatering blog and I hope that many of my current followers will follow me there also!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Offers

So there is a new way to make money that I wanted to talk about today.  This is one that I KNOW can be successful if you are good at advertising, and can get people to sign up.  The way I was introduced was a friend on facebook has posted an ad to earn $10-$20, so I asked him about it.  So what I did was pretty simple, I signed up for a "Offers Site" under his referral link, and then I completed offers to gain credit.  Once I did enough offers to gain a full credit, He would then put in an order to be paid by the company (He gets paid for referrals who complete their offers) and would turn around and pay a portion of this to me!  I thought "Well wow, this is a pretty sweet deal!" I made I think like $60 from him total after completing offers, Most of which were free trial offers.  Some of them were not free but things I was interested in anyway (Book clubs, Netflix, Gamefly, Blockbuster, to name a few) many of these companies if they are not offering a Free trial, they are offering a reduced price offer and you can cancel at anytime.  There are absolute advantages to pursuing this as a business which I have now decided is my number one for making money.  You can make a decent amount of cash and it is fairly simple.  You Only have to complete offers ONE TIME to get your credit, once you have reached your credit, all you have to do is refer!  Oh and did I mention it is simple!  I belong to a few sites like this now and am looking to teach people who are interested in pursuing this, and much like my mentor, am paying my own personal referrals for completing the offers themselves!  Keep in mind, there are some downsides also.  If you are not a very organized person, it could catch up with you if you do not cancel your free offers before they are over.  Keep in mind, most of these free offers have a certain amount of time that you need to be part of the offer, or it becomes void (For example, if you have a two week free offer, they might want you to keep it for at least 12 days) with that being said, you need to keep track of when your offers expire.  If it is something you are sincerely interested in (I like the free credit score ones, because I like finding out what my credit score is) You can always keep the membership if you like!  (It is recommended you keep membership to the free offers, but of course you are not obligated to keep membership.) The other downfall is, you need a credit card for nearly every offer, regardless of whether they are free or not.  That is why you want to keep track of when to cancel (I keep a big calander by my computer and have the cancel dates written in red) 
So all in all, I think this opportunity is amazing and definatly one of my favorite opportunities I have come across so far.  If you are interested in getting started in this, I would love to send you money and help you out!  The very first advertisement link on the right ($5 to $20 for 20 minutes) will take you straight to my website, with more details!  As usual, Hope you've enjoyed my post!  I'll be in touch with more info soon!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Share Magnet

So I was recently introduced to a new site that I actually quite like.  It is very simple and although you don't make a whole lot of money, there is potential if you can get people to simply click on a link.  Thats what you get paid for is how many people you can get to click.  I am sure there are more sites like this out there, (There is another one I think is the same that I am investigating right now) but this is the one that I have and use and enjoy.  It is called Share Magnet.  It is easy because you just advertise links for company on your facebook, email, google+, etc (and they have several of this listed so all you really need to do to advertise is click where you want to advertise and it will post the link for you) and then you collect the change when people click.  Like I said, it doesn't pay a whole lot.  I have seen some that pay $.10 or $.20 per click but most of them pay $.02-$.05. It is just a little extra change in your pocket.  And Like I said, if you can get lots of people to click, you can get ok money from this site!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Checking In

I am just updating a little bit, as I haven't got much new to discuss but there are a few things.  I am still dabbling in Affiliate marketing through CPA, CPC, Etc, and looking into some other affiliate marketing routes.  I found an EXCELLENT blog for anyone who wants to work from home that is honest and straight to the point about working from home and what is actually available.  I would HIGHLY recommend checking out this site if you are serious about working from home: Work at Home No Scams Work at Home No Scams. I am also going to be applying to be a mystery shopper and check that out and see if it is something that might work for me.  But, am trying to focus on the affiliate stuff right now and not go to crazy doing a million things at once, as I will only get distracted and not get anything done (This is something I definatly know about myself!  Lol)  I will keep everyone posted on my progress, and I appreciate my followers coming to this blog from my old blog!  I look forward to sharing with everyone!

Interesting Progress

I have begun to learn about CPA (Cash Per Action) online money making, and I can definatly see how if you can get traffic you could ABSOLUTLY make a living from this one simple thing. However, the difficult part I am finding with CPA is Finding one of the many sites that offer affiliate CPA links that will accept your application. It is very much so like applying for a job, and not having any pratical experience in it as of yet, I am finding it hard to persue this like I want. I am going to keep working at it though, as I know this is a good way to go, you just have to find a way in! I was accepted to one site and started making a little bit of money but for some reason, my account was suspended and so I am trying to get that issue resolved. I have also been dabbling a little bit in affiliate marketing (Such as clickbank and amazon) where these companies pay you a percentage for promoting and selling their product. So far, I am finding this quite difficult, because with a company like amazon, most people will just go straight to their site, and with any other site, it is all about getting traffic to your “ad” (I have been utilizing facebook to post ads for products so far but in the future will be branching out to my own website) I am definatly starting to understand all this affiliate marketing stuff, but it is difficult to get started as getting a blog/website/ad publicized and rated and at a point where people will see it if they search for it is incredibly difficult, but I am going to keep at it, as I know you can be successful in this field and I have studied and learned TO MUCH to give up now! Oh and a word of caution to anyone looking into making money online in this fashion, I would seriously try to steer clear of any products that are going to cost you money for the most part. There are now a couple I have bought, One I regret, One has been great and recently I bought a lot of info for $11 that has so far been very informative. I have also gotten a lot of FREE downloads that will tell you how to make money and am currently researching these as we speak (I will contact the man I got the free products from and the $11 downloads from and see if I can post it on my blog for anyone interested in educating themselves) I have also found an amazing group called family networker that is a great support group for anyone in affiliate marketing no matter what level you are at, and they have a skype chat that is always open so you always have access to real people if you have questions. They have been very helpful also! I hope this blog has been helpful as it is still pretty shady but I wanted to keep you all updated on where I am on this research. I will keep you posted on my journey in online money making as I go and good luck to anyone out there trying to make a living from home!

*Posted on my original blog on February 18th 2012

Survey Sites and Pay Per Email

So Today I wanted to talk briefly about Survey sites and Pay Per Email Sites.  A lot of people think that they can make money from home doing survey’s or “reading” emails.  The truth is, While you can make a little bit of money, it isn’t much and it takes a lot of time.  I have been signed up to several of these sites, and over the years have gotten gift cards and small cash amounts, but it usually takes me at least 3 months to get say a $50 gift certificate, or a small check.  I don’t think that some of these are a waste of time (For example, I have belonged to Mypoints for a long time and have gotten around $400 in gift certificates) as they are simple.  With mypoints all you do is receive emails and click on the link in the email to receive points.  Once you have enough points you can exchange them for a gift card.  It’s nice to get that little gift and takes very little effort.  There are ways to jack up your points also.  If you shop online frequently, and you shop through the Mypoints site (There are other sites also, I will have a list with links at the end of this of all the ones that I am familiar with) you can get some pretty serious points going on.  I don’t usually do a lot of shopping online so it takes me a bit longer to aquire points.
Now Survey sites, in my opinion ARE a waste of time.  You can take 100′s of survey’s and only be approved for a dozen, and then the amount of time it takes you to take the survey’s for, and the screening time it takes for the ones you do not qualify for, you are looking at making pretty much under $1 per hour.  Minimum wage (In Montana anyway) is $7.65 an hour so I can make a significant amount more doing some mindless minimum wage job… I have tried ALOT of survey sites and there are a couple that I still belong to (Mostly because they aren’t “true” survey’s and are more like the email click sites) that pay ok.  But overall, I would say if you are truely trying to make an income online, give up on the survey sites… They really are pretty much a waste of time!
I guess overall though between these two types of “money making” opportunities, you can get a bit of cash in your pocket, but you can hardly even call it supplemental, and if you are really wanting to make money online, I would look into something else!  I am still trying to break into Affiliate Marketing and I do hope that soon, I will be able to write a positive post on that, I have been educating myself thoroughly, and am close!  So I will keep you all updated, and I will post again soon!

Inbox Dollars
Panda Research
Inbox Pays
Minds Pay
Unique Rewards

If you are interested in any of the following links, please let me know as I would love to send you an invitation!

Reward Port
Free Awesome
Reward You

*Posted on my Original Blog on February 13th 2012

Little Jobs Add Up!

So the next business opportunity I wanted to talk to you about is a site called I have been doing jobs on this site for a little over a month now, and I enjoy that I actually feel like I am accomplishing something. Microworkers allows people do “Microjobs” which are pretty much small quick tasks that can’t be done by a computer and companies and People need Real People to do them. Such tasks include, Searches, “Liking” things on facebook, Google +1 pages, Tweeting for companies, voting, advertising, writing short articles, or reviews, and there is more. I have looked into other microjob sites, and this is by far the highest paying one I have found! Price per job is anywhere from $.10 to $7.00 Depending on the job of course. $.10 might not seem like a lot but, considering how quick the jobs are it adds up really quick. The other nice thing I really like about this site is that it is actual work, which, as far as I can tell, is the ONLY way to make real money on the internet. It isn’t hard work, but it is work none the less. If you are looking to make money online and not actually have to do anything, You are going to be trying to do nothing for nothing for a very long time! If you are interested in giving microworkers a shot, just go to and sign up (It’s Free!)

*Posted on my Original Blog on January 7th 2012